How to stop betting?

Millions of people around the world place bets, but you need to do it right so as not to lose your money. At the same time, over time, for some users, the desire to earn money becomes a disease, which leads to a serious loss of money. But it is important not to lose control over yourself and be able to stop in time. If you have become addicted to gambling, then you should understand How to stop betting. And we will deal with this issue in the article, having considered all the features of the sphere, signs of dependence, etc.

How does a person become addicted to betting?

Gambling disorder, that is betting addiction is an unhealthy need to go to the bookmaker and make new bets. To some extent, this can be compared with drug addiction, which must be fought.

There are a number of signs of the very gambling addiction, and here are the most common of them:

  1. A person begins to constantly think about how he will play. This crowds out all other things from a person’s life, he cannot switch to another topic, he devotes too much time and effort to bets.
  2. A person experiences constant anxiety, irritation. This begins to reflect on his family, friends, relationships with colleagues, etc.
  3. Increasing the frequency of betting. The better starts making more bets, wakes up and immediately enters the bookmaker, devotes every minute to the game, does not analyze and simply loses his money.
  4. A better can’t stop and not bet. To discover the dependence, it is enough to try a week, and it is better to simply not bet at all.
  5. A person loses too much money on bets. Especially when it comes to loans for bets, heaps of debts, etc.

These are a few basic signs, and their number is increasing over time. And if you saw at least a few of them in yourself, then it’s time to turn to specialists for help.

What are the consequences of gambling?

The previously indicated symptoms of the problem can lead to quite serious consequences, among which are:

  1. Problems with loved ones (friends, family, etc.).
  2. Health problems.
  3. Loss of social contacts.
  4. Problems with finances.
  5. Violations of the law.
  6. Getting temporary pleasure from winnings and a quick loss of funds.

And these are just a few of the main problems that can be encountered when depending on rates. Moreover, it will be as difficult as possible to get rid of such people in the future, as well as to overcome gambling addiction itself.

How to stop playing?

To overcome the habit of constantly betting, spending your money and losing more and more funds, you must first recognize the problem. Contact experts for help. And let’s look at a few basic recommendations for users who are faced with gambling addiction.

Talk to loved ones

It is difficult, even almost impossible, to notice the problem and solve it on your own. Therefore, it is important to trust your loved ones, to have a conversation with them. ask for opinions about your condition. Perhaps they have already noticed some problems and gambling addiction.

A loved one will always tell you about the problem and help in solving it. The main thing, if you are told about the presence of addiction, is not to react aggressively to this, since such behavior can cause fear in loved ones to tell the truth in the future.

Contact the experts for help

In this matter, it is worth contacting a psychotherapist who will advise you, conduct the necessary tests and identify both the problem itself and options for solving it.

Therefore, you need the help of a specialist, seek advice, get help and begin to deal with the problem.

Join the Anonymous Gamblers Club

Doctors almost always recommend their patients to join a club of like-minded people. In the case of ludomaniacs, this is a club of anonymous players who, like you, fight ludomaniacs.

You may have seen them in films, and there is definitely a similar club in your city.

Close your accounts in all bookmakers

If there is a real problem, you need to eradicate it completely. The first thing to do is to abandon the game completely, as well as close all your accounts and accounts in bookmakers.

If the account cannot be deleted, then transfer the account data to your loved one so that he changes the password and does not give it to you.

Addiction cannot be dealt with gradually, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of playing completely and immediately. There should not be any gradual solutions. If you think that you can first reduce the number of bets, and then eliminate betting from your life altogether, then this is not so.

What else is worth doing?

You need to take a responsible approach to the issue of getting rid of gambling addiction. In addition to the help of a specialist, you need your own desire. Eliminate any gambling from your life and never return to it. The main thing is to notice the problem in time and start to deal with it.