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Lego City Comic Builder – Create Your Own

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I think I’ve mentioned before that my kids are seriously ADDICTED to Legos.

And by seriously addicted I mean play Legos all waking hours, carry little men in their hands when forced to leave the house and sleep with Lego books and said men.

But, I will admit that they are kind of Lego snobs. They only covet the City ones. They spend all day playing fire fighter, police officer and/or robber.

So when I came across this Lego City Comic Builder program on, I thought they might just flip their lids for it!

Lego city comic builder

Lego City Comic Builder

Lego City Comic Builder

Go to Lego City Comic Builder

Click on the + sign on the little book.

Select a Layout…you can choose from 1 big block all the way down to a 6 block page.

Once you click on a layout, a page with your choice will come up as well as a a Library window.

The Library window has a variety of pages to choose from. On the first one you choose the “setting” for your comic story. The second one is vehicles. The third is Lego men. Then you can add word bubbles or symbols with the fourth and the fifth has “extras” (animals, plants etc).

If you’re ready to print out your creation, then just hit the printer button on the top right next to the ? above the Library.

You can also save your comic to your computer by clicking on the button next to the printer button.

All of this can be done without creating an account, but if you do create an account all of your creations will be saved in one place.

Lego City Comic Builder

Educational Benefits

As a former teacher, this Lego City Comic Builder excites me almost as much as it does my kids!

The story telling potential is limitless with this program. The kids can come up with a variety of stories. They can work on oral language by just telling the story to the pictures that they’ve created.

But as they grow they can actually add the words to the pictures and work on writing out their stories and even their own comic books.

Finding something that excites kids to write can be difficult, but this program is definitely something that will keep the kids coming back time after time.

Some other comic builder programs you may want to check out:

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Which series is your kids’ favorite Legos?

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    Nick loves his cars that much, so I know how that goes :-). It’s always so great to find a way to extend what they love so that they can play with it in new ways. I love that their Lego “snobs” that’s so cute.

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